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J Exp Biol (2022) 225 (7): jeb243630.
Published: 12 April 2022
... of protein ensembles with different isoform profiles at the sarcomere scale. However, it remains unclear how isoform profiles shape whole-muscle performance. We compared two mouse hindlimb muscles, the slow, relatively parallel-fibered soleus and the faster, more pennate-fibered tibialis anterior (TA...
Includes: Supplementary data
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J Exp Biol (2020) 223 (13): jeb219485.
Published: 30 June 2020
...://www.biologists.com/user-licence-1-1/ Summary: Orexin peptides do not play a role in the temperature-dependent modulation of respiratory regulation in different sleep states in mice; however, the occurrence of sleep apneas critically depends on ambient temperature. Apnea Breathing Mouse Orexins...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2018) 221 (21): jeb190132.
Published: 5 November 2018
... served as controls or underwent 8 weeks of voluntary wheel running. Following the treatment intervention, whole soleus (SOL) or a section of the costal diaphragm (DIA) was isolated from each mouse and tested to determine the effect of 70 µmol l −1 caffeine on work loop power output. Although caffeine...
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J Exp Biol (2018) 221 (4): jeb171819.
Published: 19 February 2018
... with controls. Other structural indicators, such as capillary profile sizes, profile area densities, perimeters of the capillary compartments and concentrations of endothelium–pericyte peg–socket junctions, were not significantly different between the mouse groups. Besides angiogenesis, increase of capillary...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2016) 219 (15): 2265–2270.
Published: 1 August 2016
... in restoring normal function and structure of experimentally traumatized hair cells of the mouse cochlea. All animal handling procedures were approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Organ of Corti explants were dissected from 3–5 day old CD1...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2016) 219 (14): 2098–2102.
Published: 15 July 2016
... pump metabolism Hepatocytes Lizard Toad Rat Mouse Trout Rabbit The Na + and K + gradients maintained across the cell membrane of endothermic and ectothermic vertebrates are similar ( Else and Hulbert, 1987 ) and a major cost and contributor to basal metabolic rate ( Rolfe and Brown...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2016) 219 (10): 1437–1448.
Published: 15 May 2016
..., acoustic structure and syllable complexity. We further show that single sensory cues are not sufficient to elicit this audience effect, indicating that multiple cues may be necessary for an audience to be apparent. Together, these experiments reveal that some features of mouse vocal behavior are only...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2015) 218 (5): 694–702.
Published: 1 March 2015
...Kari R. Taylor-Burt; Jenna Monroy; Cinnamon Pace; Stan Lindstedt; Kiisa C. Nishikawa ABSTRACT Shivering frequency scales predictably with body mass and is 10 times higher in a mouse than a moose. The link between shivering frequency and body mass may lie in the tuning of muscle elastic properties...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2015) 218 (2): 223–227.
Published: 15 January 2015
... is not highly constrained by inhibited Sod1 expression, in contrast to other reproductive traits known to be impaired in this mouse model. References Agarwal   A. , Saleh   R. A. , Bedaiwy   M. A. ( 2003 ). Role of reactive oxygen species in the pathophysiology of human reproduction . Fertil...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2014) 217 (10): 1775–1783.
Published: 15 May 2014
... The authors declare no competing financial interests. 16 1 2013 13 2 2014 © 2014. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd 2014 Bone Tibia Cancellous Cortical Stiffness Mouse Load The vertebrate skeleton is an adaptive structure that remodels to meet physiological...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2013) 216 (5): 901–908.
Published: 1 March 2013
... in the mouse model used in this study. Therefore, erythropoietic systems differ with respect to function between ectothermic and endothermic animals after low temperature exposure, and these systems may be critical for vertebrates to adapt to low temperature environments. In conclusion, the present study...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2013) 216 (1): 99–112.
Published: 1 January 2013
... on this model should be performed from a biological, clinical and ethically appropriate perspective. * Author for correspondence ( joanne.webster@imperial.ac.uk ) 11 5 2012 8 9 2012 © 2013. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd 2013 Toxoplasma gondii rat mouse behaviour...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2010) 213 (10): 1788–1795.
Published: 15 May 2010
... ; Dowse, 2009 ). We are grateful to K. Moriwaki and T. Shiroishi for providing mouse strains, and to A. Nishi for valuable discussion. This study was supported by the Research Organization of Information and Systems, Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center, Japan. REFERENCES Ables...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2010) 213 (2): 278–287.
Published: 15 January 2010
... 2009 © 2010. Mus musculus repetability resting metabolic rate mouse reproductive performance Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy expended by a non-reproductive and non-growing animal at rest, within the thermoneutral zone, regulating its body temperature...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2007) 210 (17): 3117–3125.
Published: 1 September 2007
... for redirecting travel paths. While the relative degree of ML bending, AP bending, or torsion that the mouse femur experiences during either turning or linear locomotion is undocumented to our knowledge, Wallace and colleagues[( Wallace et al., 2007 ), p. 1125] qualitatively described mice as tending to run...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2007) 210 (11): 2013–2024.
Published: 1 June 2007
.... RMR in this study thus represents the lowest MR of animals at room temperature(22°C). mouse daily energy expenditure doubly labeled water technique energy balance resting metabolic rate Free-living animals need to forage for food and they may face energetic constraints related...
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J Exp Biol (2007) 210 (9): 1632–1640.
Published: 1 May 2007
... available online at http://jeb.biologists.org/cgi/content/full/210/9/1632/DC1 e-mail: j.a.t.dow@bio.gla.ac.uk 23 1 2007 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2007 2007 Drosophila melanogaster Caenorhabditis elegans Danio rerio mouse Malpighian tubule bioinformatics...
Includes: Supplementary data
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2007) 210 (1): 65–74.
Published: 1 January 2007
...) and the gradients of the least-squares fitted regression lines were very shallow. Hence, on average, a female mouse with a BMR of 0.15 W gave birth to a litter of 6.1 pups and a female with a BMR of 0.25 W (67% greater) gave birth to a litter of 6.8 pups(11% greater). Moreover, this effect of BMR on litter size...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2006) 209 (12): 2344–2361.
Published: 15 June 2006
...@ucr.edu ) 29 3 2006 © The Company of Biologists Limited 2006 2006 adaptive plasticity artificial selection complex traits environment exercise genotype locomotion mouse Natural selection tends to act most strongly on aspects of the phenotype(traits) at relatively high...
Journal Articles
J Exp Biol (2006) 209 (11): 2007–2014.
Published: 1 June 2006
... techniques using in vitro preparations of the mouse spinal cord. This review will discuss new advances in the field of spinal locomotor networks with emphasis on the mouse. Many of the behaviors fundamental to animal life, such as breathing,chewing and locomotion, are rhythmic activities controlled...