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Special issues

We are pleased to welcome submissions to be considered for our upcoming special issue: The Integrative Biology of the Heart. This issue will be coordinated by Guest Editors William Joyce (CIBERCV/CNIC, Spain) and Holly Shiels (University of Manchester, UK). We aim to publish the special issue in summer 2024. The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2024.

For more information visit our heart special issue page.

JEB Special Issue: Comparative biomechanics
JEB Special Issue: Building New Paradigms



The Biology of Fat


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Volume 204 issue 18 cover
Volume 204 issue 14
Volume 204 issue 5 cover
Volume 203 issue 1 cover
Volume 202 issue 23 cover
Volume 202 issue 10 cover
Volume 201 issue 8 cover
Volume 200 issue 2 cover
Volume 199 issue 1 cover




Volume 196 issue 1 cover




Volume 172 issue 1






Neural Repair

Volume 115 issue 1 cover
Volume 112 issue 1 cover
Volume 106 issue 1 cover
Volume 100 issue 1 cover


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