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ECR Spotlight

Highlighting the important contributions of graduate/postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers to the research published in JEB, ECR Spotlight is a series of interviews with the early-career researcher (ECR) authors from a selection of the papers published in the journal during the year.



In a series of interviews to celebrate JEB's 100th anniversary in 2023, Conversation: JEB@100 talks to current journal Editors and asks them to reflect on their association with the journal and to look to the future

In the field

JEB authors sometimes go to the ends of the earth to answer the questions that intrigue them, but the inside stories behind each research paper are rarely told. Conversation: in the field presents a series of interviews in which authors discuss the role of fieldwork in their research, the places that they visit, together with the challenges and risks they have to overcome and their experiences of working with animals in their natural environments.

Early-career researchers

As a community journal, JEB is keen to support the next generation of scientists. Conversation: early-career researchers is a series of interviews in which early-career researchers discuss their work and the journeys that have led them to where they are now, together with wider issues in research and publishing and what they think will and should change in the future.



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