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Summary: Presentation of a framework to reconcile methodological measurements and mechanisms related to the physiology of heat stress tolerance limits, thermal injury and repair in ectotherms.


Highlighted Article: Feeding experiments with larvae of the antlion Myrmeleon crudelis combined with studies of mechanical properties and wettability reveal that antlions have mouthparts with a structural organization and wetting dichotomy that simultaneously support fluid-feeding and self-cleaning abilities.

Summary: Magnetic pulse pre-treatment disturbed geomagnetic navigation in caged birds. However, our free-flying songbirds show no effect, questioning the effect of the pulse on or usage of geomagnetic maps.


Summary: HeartCV is an open-source Python package that can automatically measure cardiac rhythm traits in a wide range of species, life history stages and experimental designs.


Highlighted Article: Temporal certainty of upcoming underfoot perturbations shows little influence on anticipatory or reactive locomotor behavior. Physical certainty allows individuals to respond to perturbations more effectively than when perturbations are uncertain.

Highlighted Article: When an amphibious fish leaves the water, it becomes more difficult for it to return owing to plastic changes in physiology.

Highlighted Article: Smalleye Pacific opah haemoglobin–O2 affinity is temperature independent, while the temperature dependence of swordfish haemoglobin–O2 affinity is pH dependent and becomes temperature independent at low pH.

Summary: The volatilome of Aiptasia shows that symbiosis affects the diversity of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) produced in this model system.

Summary: When trained in an episodic-like memory task, common octopuses favour individual foraging strategies rather than keeping track of time to solve the task as cuttlefish do.

Summary: Coho salmon transgenic for growth hormone have lower laterite incidence and malformations.

Summary: The developmental time series of rice coral, Montipora capitata, under ocean acidification shows that while embryos are robust to low pH, the energetic cost may have negative carryover effects on swimming larvae.

Summary: Evidence that a desert pollinator, Centris caesalpiniae, regulates body temperature with an abdominal convector while flying.

Summary: The duration of muscle activation in Cuban tree frogs reveals the limits of muscle power output during jumping.

Summary: Starlings increase fatty acid transporters in their flight muscles in response to acute exercise but not after long-term training, whereas citrate synthase increased with acute exercise only.

Summary: Parrots are capable of powerful grasps across a range of substrate sizes, but their strongest grips occur at diameters that align with free-ranging perch size preferences.

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