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Summary: Evidence exists for a previously undocumented type of metabolic sensitivity to high PCO2 in a non-model marine invertebrate following an experiment conducted in situ at a high PCO2 vent site.

Summary: A previously undetected consequence of the osmorespiratory compromise is that acute hypoxia causes marked changes in gill transepithelial potential, which will affect ionoregulation in both freshwater and seawater killifish.


Summary: Plume tracking in Periplaneta americana does not require bilateral olfactory input. The total size of the olfactory sensory structure(s), not its bilateral symmetry, predicts the cockroach's tracking performance.

Summary: During jumping, the muscle mass-specific power of marmosets is more than twice that of humans. This difference in mechanical output in vivo is explained by differences in skeletal muscle contractile properties.

Highlighted Article: Locomotor performance and its predictors can vary dramatically across substrates for the same individual, which should be considered in ecomorphological studies.

Summary: Myoglobin oxygen affinity varies among terrestrial and aquatic birds and mammals, with long-duration diving species having greater myoglobin oxygen affinity.

Summary: Cold and exercise training in house sparrows increases thermogenic and exercise capacities and pectoralis masses and modifies expression of the myostatin system, consistent with a mechanistic role for myostatin down-regulation.

Highlighted Article: Blowflies increase their tracheal oxygen concentration during flight above the resting level by a unidirectional autoventilatory airflow.

Summary: Experimentally manipulating the intake of dietary antioxidants in young zebra finches shows that early-life nutrition can shape later-life antioxidant defences.

Summary: Growth rates measured at constant temperatures do not correctly predict mean growth under fluctuating conditions because of both non-linear and time-dependent effects. This has important implications for modeling ecological responses to climate change.

Summary: A functional analysis of GABAergic and glycinergic activity aimed at drawing a neurochemical map of Hydra signalling circuitry.

Highlighted Article: Bumblebee workers are able to discriminate different concentrations of a food mixture and hence nutrients by using their sense of taste, which may enable them to individually regulate food intake.

Summary: Yolk androgens in wild passerines show complex dose–response effects during early development, including both linear and non-linear responses for different traits.

Summary: Psychophysical experiments with trained ringed seals show acute hearing abilities in both air and water, which are comparable to those of other phocid seals and considerably better than previously reported for this species.

Summary: The zebra finch modulates its diurnal singing frequency and timing during development, which contributes to vocal diurnal oscillation. These dynamics are intrinsically regulated in social interaction- and auditory input-independent manners.

Summary: The pro-inflammatory cytokine (r)interleukin-1β dilates isolated coronary microvessels of steelhead trout in a concentration-dependent manner: an effect that is not influenced by incubation at high temperature (20°C) and is partially mediated by prostaglandins.

Highlighted Article: Examination of the effect of snake constriction on rat cardiovascular function reveals support for circulatory arrest as the proximate cause of death in constricted prey, in contrast to previous ideas.

Summary: Different daily maximum temperatures under fluctuating thermal conditions impact life history traits in a manner that is not predictable from constant-temperature exposure.

Summary: Parasitic leeches may be capable of modifying endocrine physiology of the giant hellbender salamander, one of the most unique and imperiled amphibians in North America.

Summary: Gliding stick insect nymphs use vertical contrast edges to locate landing targets and exhibit preference for shaded objects within a certain size range.

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