1. Various improvements in the diver-balance technique are described, which are based partly on an improved knowledge of diver-balance theory and partly on practical experience.

2. Certain theoretical aspects concerning the strength of the magnetic field and the force prevailing between this and the diver magnet are outlined.

3. Devices for improving the temperature constancy in the flotation vessel are described.

4. A new electronic design of the amplifier has been devised, which makes it possible to adjust the gain without changing the flotation level, and which efficiently suppresses diver oscillations. With this equipment it is possible to work with high amplifier gain, which implies that the displacement due to loading is so slight that the calibration curve approaches linearity.

5. To prevent rotation two magnets are introduced into the diver, and the tip of the core is made wedge-shaped. The latter is made of remanence-free material. The magnets in the diver are made of material with low coercive force, and they are shaped so as to minimize the demagnetization.

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