Minetti, A. E. (2004). Passive tools for enhancing muscle-driven motion and locomotion. J. Exp. Biol.207, 1265-1272.

Unfortunately equations Ai and Aii in the first part of the Appendix to this Commentary were published incorrectly.

The correct text should read:

The speed values in Fig. 2 were obtained by estimating, for each duration(t, in s), the maximum sustainable mechanical effort (Wilkie, 1980)as:
where A is the maximum long-term mechanical work rate (W), Bis the mechanical equivalent of the available energy from anaerobic sources(J) and τ is the time constant (s) describing the inertia of the system. As developed by Wilkie, this equation is accurate for durations of 40 s to 10 min. To take into account the decay of the sustainable maximum oxygen consumption for longer exercise durations (Saltin, 1973), terms Ahave been multiplied by:
where the first ratio represents the sustainable proportion of the total metabolic power.

The author apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused.