The musculature of the colleterial glands receives innervation from branch 4B4a of the nerves designated 4B, which arise from the posterior part of the terminal abdominal ganglion in the female cockroach Periplaneta americana (L). Using Methylene Blue staining, the gross anatomy of the colleterial gland innervation has been described. Cobalt backfilling via branch 4B4 of nerve 4B revealed about 21 dorsal unpaired median (DUM) neurones located on both median and posterior parts of the terminal abdominal ganglion. Octopamine immunohistochemistry has shown that at least 15 octopamine-immunoreactive DUM neurones from median and posterior groups projected via branch 4B4a to the left and right colleterial glands. These data, together with results reporting the presence of octopamine-immunoreactive branches supplying these colleterial glands, make octopaminergic DUM neurones suitable candidates to modulate the muscle activity of the colleterial glands in female Periplaneta americana.

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