The anatomy and physiology of the segmental giant (SG) neurone of the fourth abdominal ganglion of the hermit crab is described. The SG has an apparently blindending axon in the first root and a small cell body in the anterior ipsilateral ventral quadrant of the ganglion. There is a large ipsilateral neuropile arborization with prominent dendrites lined up along the course of the ipsilateral giant fibre (GF). The SG receives 1:1 input from the ipsilateral GF via an electrical synapse which is usually rectifying. SG activation produces a large EPSP in all ipsilateral and some contralateral fast flexor excitor (FF) motor neurones. The major input to FFs resulting from GF activation appears to be mediated via the SG. It also produces a small EPSP in ipsilateral and contralateral motor giant neurones. The properties of the hermit crab SG are compared to those of the crayfish SG, and the implications of the SG for the possible evolutionary paths of the giant fibre system are discussed.

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