There were several errors published in J. Exp. Biol. 214, 131-146.

In the first line of the ‘Kinematics of diving and lunge feeding’ section of the Results (p. 134), the number of blue whales that were tagged was incorrectly given as 265 – the correct number is 25.

In Fig. A1 (p. 142), two mistakes were introduced. In the ‘Energy in’ column, krill energy density should have been given as 4600 kJ kg–1 (rather than 4600 kJ g–1). Also in the ‘Energy in’ column, the units were missing from the ‘Energy obtained from ingested krill’; this should have read ‘Energy obtained from ingested krill = 4,868,640 kJ’.

The correct version of the figure is shown below.

In Table 3, the data from the ‘Net energy gain’ column were inadvertently repeated in the ‘Energy loss, total’ column. The correct version of Table 3, with the original data for the ‘Energy loss, total’ column, is shown below.

We apologise sincerely to authors and readers for any inconvenience these errors may have caused.