Haematological variables were measured during aerobic swimming (45–55% of Ucrit) and at critical swimming velocity (Ucrit) in acutely splenectomized and sham-operated rainbow trout. There was no correlation between haematocrit (Hct) and Ucrit in either group of fish. The control values for the haematological variables did not differ significantly between the two groups of fish. Some haematological variables changed during aerobic swimming and at Ucrit, but there were no significant differences between the two groups for any of the variables. Arterial blood oxygen tension was significantly reduced at Ucrit. Arterial blood oxygen content (CaOO2) was maintained in sham-operated fish because the Hct increased significantly. However, in the splenectomized animals, CaOO2 decreased (compared to control values) during aerobic swimming and at Ucrit because the Hct did not change. Plasma concentrations of lactate and catecholamines were elevated only at Ucrit. We provide evidence of a graded spleen contraction during aerobic swimming.

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