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Accepted manuscripts

RESEARCH ARTICLE 28 October 2021
Rapid embryonic development supports the early onset of gill functions in two coral reef damselfishes
J Exp Biol jeb.242364.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 27 October 2021
Immune and hormonal modulation in the postprandial period of bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus)
J Exp Biol jeb.243153.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 27 October 2021
Evoked auditory potentials from African mole-rats and coruros reveal disparity in subterranean rodent hearing
J Exp Biol jeb.243371.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 26 October 2021
Mitochondrial capacity and reactive oxygen species production during hypoxia and reoxygenation in the ocean quahog, Arctica islandica
J Exp Biol jeb.243082.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 25 October 2021
Does dietary β-carotene influence ontogenetic colour change in the southern corroboree frog?
J Exp Biol jeb.243182.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 25 October 2021
Local thermal environment and warming influence supercooling and drive widespread shifts in the metabolome of diapausing Pieris rapae butterflies
J Exp Biol jeb.243118.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 25 October 2021
“Thermal history of alfalfa leafcutting bees affects nesting and diapause incidence”
J Exp Biol jeb.243242.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 22 October 2021
Depth- and temperature-specific fatty acid adaptations in ctenophores from extreme habitats
J Exp Biol jeb.242800.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 22 October 2021
Postural control in the elephant
J Exp Biol jeb.243648.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 22 October 2021
Simple models highlight differences in the walking biomechanics of young children and adults
J Exp Biol jeb.243040.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 19 October 2021
Evidence of cognitive specialization in an insect: proficiency is maintained across elemental and higher-order visual learning but not between sensory modalities in honey bees
J Exp Biol jeb.242470.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 18 October 2021
Increased cellular detoxification, cytoskeletal activities and protein transport explain physiological stress in a lagoon sponge
J Exp Biol jeb.242820.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 14 October 2021
Kinematics of sea star legged locomotion
J Exp Biol jeb.242813.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 14 October 2021
Integration of proteomic and genetic approaches to assess developmental muscle atrophy
J Exp Biol jeb.242698.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 14 October 2021
Diet mediates thermal performance traits: implications for marine ectotherms
J Exp Biol jeb.242846.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 14 October 2021
Neuroligin 1 expression is linked to plasticity of behavioral and neuronal responses to sex pheromone in the male moth Agrotis ipsilon
J Exp Biol jeb.243184.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 11 October 2021
Swimming kinematics and performance of spinal transected lampreys with different levels of axon regeneration
J Exp Biol jeb.242639.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 11 October 2021
Flight training and dietary antioxidants have mixed effects on the oxidative status of multiple tissues in a female migratory songbird
J Exp Biol jeb.243158.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 08 October 2021
Feeding effects on liver mitochondrial bioenergetics of Boa constrictor (Serpentes: Boidae)
J Exp Biol jeb.243142.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 08 October 2021
Prenatal yolk corticosterone exposure promotes skeletal growth and induces oxidative imbalance in yellow-legged gull embryos
J Exp Biol jeb.242943.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 05 October 2021
California sea lions employ task-specific strategies for active touch sensing
J Exp Biol jeb.243085.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 05 October 2021
Tadpole-transporting frogs use stagnant water odor to find pools in the rainforest
J Exp Biol jeb.243122.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 04 October 2021
Great power comes at a high (locomotor) cost: the role of muscle fascicle length in the power versus economy performance trade-off
J Exp Biol jeb.236679.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 04 October 2021
Functional loss of ketogenesis in odontocete cetaceans
J Exp Biol jeb.243062.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 23 September 2021
Kinematics and hydrodynamics analyses of swimming penguins: wing bending improves propulsion performance
J Exp Biol jeb.242140.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 15 September 2021
Plasticity of the gastrocnemius elastic system in response to decreased work and power demand during growth
J Exp Biol jeb.242694.
Correction 01 January 2020
Publisher's note: Cellular metabolism and IL-6 concentrations during stimulated inflammation in small and large dog breeds’ primary fibroblasts cells, as they age
J Exp Biol jeb.241992.
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