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Special issues

Our upcoming special issue on Imaging Cell Architecture and Dynamics will open soon. This issue will be coordinated by two Guest Editors: Lucy Collinson (The Francis Crick Institute, UK) and Guillaume Jacquemet (University of Turku, Finland).


Volume 137 issue 5 cover



Cell and Tissue Polarity

Guest Editor: David Bryant (University of Glasgow and CRUK Beatson Institute, UK).

Read the Editorial from Guest Editor David Bryant here.

Volume 136 issue 5 cover



Cell Biology of Motors

Guest Editor: Anne Straube (University of Warwick,UK).

Read the interview with Guest Editor Anne Straube here.

Volume 135 issue 5 cover


Cell Biology of Lipids

Guest Editor: James Olzmann (University of California, Berkeley, USA).

Read the interview with Guest Editor James Olzmann here.

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Cell Biology of Host-Pathogen Interactions

Guest Editor: Derek Walsh (Northwestern University, USA).

Read the interview with Guest Editor Derek Walsh here

Volume 133 issue 5 cover



Cell Biology of the Immune System

Guest Editor: Ana-Maria Lennon-Duménil (Institut Curie, Paris).

Read the interview with Guest Editor Ana-Maria Lennon-Duménil here.

Volume 132 issue 4cover


Reconstituting Cell Biology

Guest Editor: Manuel Théry (Hôpital St Louis, Paris and CEA Grenoble)

Read more about Manuel's appointment in our editorial.

Read the interview with Guest Editor Manuel Théry here.



Plant Cell Biology

Guest Editor: Eugenia (Jenny) Russinova.

Read the introductory editorial, "Have plant cells been forgotten?", by Jenny Russinova.

Volume 130 issue 1 cover



3D Cell Biology

Guest Editor: Andrew Ewald.

Read the introductory editorials by Andrew Ewald and Mina Bissel.

Supplementary issues



Organisation of the Cell Nucleus

Editors: Tony Kouzarides and Ron Laskey



Cell Biology of Cancer

Editors: David Glover, Alan Hall and Nick Hastie



Epithelial and Neuronal Cell Polarity and Differentiation

Editors: E. Rodriguez-Boulan and W. J. Nelson



Transcriptional Regulation in Cell Differentiation and Development

Editors: Peter Rigby, Robb Krumlauf and Frank Grosveld



Nerve Cell Biology

Editors: Dennis Bray, Nigel Holder. Roger Keynes, Andrew Lumsden and Hugh Perry



Motor Proteins

Editors: R. A. Cross and J. Kendrick-Jones



Growth Factors in Cell and Developmental Biology

Editors: M. D. Waterfield



The Cell Cycle

Editors: Robert Brooks, Peter Fantes, Tim Hunt and Denys Wheatley



Protein Targeting

Editors: K. F. Chater, N. J. Brewin, R. Casey, K. Roberts, T. M. A. Wilson and R. B. Flavell

Supplement 10 cover



Stem Cells

Editors: Brian I. Lord and T. Michael Dexter

Supplement 9 cover
Supplement 8 cover



Cell Behaviour: Shape, Adhesion and Motility

Editors: J. E. M. Heaysman, C. A. Middleton and F. M. Watt

Supplement 7 cover



Virus Replication and Genome Interactions

Editors: J. W. Davies, R. Hull, K. F. Chater, T. H. N. Ellis, G. P. Lomonossoff and H. W. Woolhouse

Supplement 6 cover



Molecular Biology of DNA Repair

Editors: A. Collins, R. T. Johnson and J. M. Boyle

Supplement 5 cover



The Cytoskeleton: Cell Function and Organization

Editors: C. W. Lloyd, J. S. Hyams and R. M. Warn

Suppleent 4 cover



Prospects in Cell Biology

Editors: A. V. Grimstone, Henry Harris and R. T. Johnson



Growth Factors: Structure and Function

Editors: Colin R. Hopkins and R. Colin Hughes

Supplement 2 cover



The Cell Surface in Plant Growth and Development

Editors: K. Roberts, A. W. B. Johnston, C. W. Lloyd, P. Shaw and H. W. Woolhouse



Higher Order Structure in the Nucleus

Editors: P. R. Cook and R. A. Laskey

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