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Summary: A Review of the direct and indirect crosstalk between focal adhesions and microtubules.

Summary: While p73, a member of the p53 family, has functions in cancer, p73 knockout mice also exhibit a diverse non-cancerous phenotype that has uncovered an astonishing breadth of cellular and molecular functions.


Summary: ROCK inhibition significantly promotes the outgrowth of cell projections in glioblastoma multiforme stem-like models, which in turn enabled the de novo formation of multicellular networks.


Summary: Independently of its interaction with the Sin1 subunit of TORC2, stress-activated MAPK positively regulates TORC2, constituting a signaling network for stress survival in fission yeast.

Highlighted Article: In keratinocytes, CD151 controls the stability of adhesion structures with a distinct molecular composition with hemidesmosome and tetraspanin features.

Summary: This study reveals a stepwise process of basal-type lumenogenesis by extraembryonic endoderm stem cells in vitro and proposes a physiological interpretation.

Summary: Quantitative analysis of 3D protein colocalization defines the cellular function of COMMD1 in maintenance of ATP7B copper transporter trafficking fidelity and the importance of PtdIns(4,5)P2 in this action.

Summary: Image-guided capture and sequencing of invasive cancer cells reveals novel leader- and follower-specific gene mutations, highlighting an important relationship between genomic and phenotypic heterogeneity during collective invasion.

Summary: Highly localized damage induced in nucleoli by carbon ion irradiation at the microbeam SNAKE only locally inhibits rRNA transcription, but does not cause nucleolar segregation.

Summary: TGF-β signaling in skeletal muscle mesenchymal stromal cells suppresses PDGFRα expression and compromises PDGFRα-dependent signaling, resulting in impaired TGF-β-mediated responses.

Summary: When the C. elegans embryo experiences mechanical stress during its first cell division, the direction of cortical flow needs to change so cytokinesis can be completed.

Summary: A phosphoinositide-binding protein SH3YL1 binds to an ESCRT-I component Vps37B and plays an indispensable role in the degradative endosomal sorting of EGFR.

Highlighted Article: Mutagenesis analysis of human centrin 2 reveals a separation of functions whereby centrin 2 that is defective in calcium binding can support nucleotide excision repair but not primary ciliogenesis.

Highlighted Article: Loss of function of the RBG-1-RBG-2 complex promotes lysosomal biogenesis and function, and also ameliorates the autophagy defect caused by mutations in the Vici syndrome gene EPG5.

Summary: The Alkbh1 enzyme has an impact on mitochondrial respiration, but not on mitochondrial structure in human cells. Its knockdown induces mitochondrial UPR in human cells and C. elegans.


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