Deep Learning-Based Point-Scanning Super-Resolution Imagingby Fang et al.

PSSR: A smart alternative to overcome the eternal triangle of compromise of point scanning imaging systems.

Selected by Mariana De Niz. Read the preLight here

KMT5C displays robust retention and liquid-like behavior in phase separated heterochromatinby Strickfaden et al.

Another liquid state - heterochromatin protein KMT5C displays liquid behavior only within its functional context at the pericentromere.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens. Read the preLight here

Resolving kinesin stepping: one head at a timeby Stepp & Ökten

The power of dual colour FIONA technique to track the stepping of KLP11 and KLP20 heteromeric motors.

Selected by the Welburn lab. Read the preLight here

Tumors Exploit Dedicated Intracellular Vesicles to Program T cell Responsesby Roberts et al.

Dendritic cells bring enough to share: cell-cell transfer of tumor antigens in lymph nodes.

Selected by Tim Fessenden. Read the preLight here

HSP110 dependent HSP70 disaggregation machinery mediates prion-like propagation of amyloidogenic proteins in metazoaby Tittelmeier et al.

Two sides of the same coin: Hsp110 activity protects against amorphous protein aggregation, but promotes amyloid aggregation and toxicity in C. elegans models.

Selected by Tessa Sinnige. Read the preLight here

Mitochondrial RNA granules are fluid condensates, positioned by membrane dynamicsby Rey et al.

Understanding mitochondrial RNA granules with an arsenal of advanced microscopy techniques.

Selected by Romain Laine. Read the preLight here

Ephrin-B1 blocks adult cardiomyocyte proliferation and heart regenerationby Cauquil et al.

A new link between CM rod shape and proliferation - Ephrin B1 sequestration of Yap1 at the lateral membrane.

Selected by Suraj Kannan. Read the preLight here

Mechanotransduction of strain regulates an invasive phenotype in newly transformed epithelial cellsby Chagnon-Lessard et al.

How the everyday movement of tissues affects cell-cell interactions and the initiation of cancer.

Selected by William Hill. Read the preLight here

The majority of histone acetylation is a consequence of transcriptionby Martin et al.

Acetylation, / without RNA Pol II? / No chance in yeast cells!

Selected by Gabriel Aughey. Read the preLight here

The enteric nervous system of the human and mouse colon at a single-cell resolutionby Drokhlyansky et al.

Meet the 1%: single-cell RNAseq of human & mouse enteric nervous system reveals core transcriptional programs of enteric neurons, DEGs by circadian phase & colon location, new models for intestinal peristalsis, neuro-immune interactions, and more!

Selected by Jessica Xie. Read the preLight here

Mammalian Y RNAs are modified at discrete guanosine residues with N-glycansby Flynn et al.

The Discovery of Glycosylated RNA.

Selected by Connor Rosen. Read the preLight here