Montross, W. T., Ji, H. and McCrea, P. D. (2000). A β-catenin/engrailed chimera selectively suppresses Wnt signaling. J. Cell Sci.113, 1759-1770.

The authors apologise for an error that occurred in Fig. 1A and its legend.

In Fig. 1A, the chimeric β-Engrailed construct should not have been depicted or described as metabolically stabilized (β-catenin's N-terminal domain did not contain stabilizing point mutations). This does not alter the results presented, the discussion or the conclusions. If a stabilized form of β-Engrailed were generated and compared with the non-stabilized form employed in this study, it would be expected to display a greater potency in blocking canonical Wnt signals at equivalent injected doses.

The error appeared in both the print and the pdf versions of this article.

The correct Fig. 1 is shown below.