Harrison, O. J., Corps, E. M. and Kilshaw, P. J. (2005). Cadherin adhesion depends on a salt bridge at the N-terminus. J. Cell Sci.118, 4123-4130.

The e-press version of this article that was published on 23rd August 2005 contains two errors on p. 4128.

In the legend to Fig. 6, the penultimate sentence should read: Aggregation was assessed by microscopy.

In the right-hand column, paragraph 2, the last sentence should read: It is not known whether similar changes to the βA strand in cadherins would modulate intramolecular docking of Trp2 and alter the free energy balance in favour of strand exchange.

Both the published print and online versions of this article are correct.

We apologise to the authors and readers for these mistakes.