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Accepted manuscripts

RESEARCH ARTICLE 21 September 2023
SARS-CoV-2 protein NSP2 enhances microRNA-mediated translational repression
J Cell Sci jcs.261286.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 18 September 2023
Axin phosphorylation in condensates counteracts tankyrase-mediated degradation
J Cell Sci jcs.261214.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 15 September 2023
Cdc42 couples septin recruitment to the axial landmark assembly via Axl2 in budding yeast
J Cell Sci jcs.261080.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 15 September 2023
A molecular landscape of quiescence/proliferation highlights the role of Pten in mammary gland acinogenesis
J Cell Sci jcs.261178.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 13 September 2023
ATG4B and ATG4A loss result in two-stage cell cycle defects in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells
J Cell Sci jcs.260644.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 11 September 2023
Compromised junctional integrity phenocopies age-dependent renal dysfunction in Drosophila Snakeskin mutants
J Cell Sci jcs.261118.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 11 September 2023
A ubiquitin-proteasome pathway degrades the inner nuclear membrane protein Bqt4 to maintain nuclear membrane homeostasis
J Cell Sci jcs.260930.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 07 September 2023
E3 Ubiquitin Ligase CHIP Drives Monoubiquitination-mediated Nuclear Import of Tumor Suppressor PTEN
J Cell Sci jcs.260950.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 07 September 2023
Surf4 collaborates with Derlin-2 and Derlin-1 to mediate Cyclooxygenase-2 translocation to the cytosol for degradation
J Cell Sci jcs.260995.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 06 September 2023
Live imaging studies reveal how microclots and the associated inflammatory response enhance cancer cell extravasation
J Cell Sci jcs.261225.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 05 September 2023
Global and local functions of a Fused/Stk36 kinase, CdaH, in intracellular patterning in Tetrahymena
J Cell Sci jcs.261256.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 05 September 2023
Shock drives a STAT3 and JunB-mediated coordinated transcriptional and DNA methylation response in the endothelium
J Cell Sci jcs.261323.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 05 September 2023
Paxillin regulates liver fibrosis via actin polymerization and ERK activation in hepatic stellate cells
J Cell Sci jcs.261122.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 01 September 2023
DAXX safeguards heterochromatin formation in embryonic stem cells
J Cell Sci jcs.261092.
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