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Open Access (rights and permissions)


Disease Models & Mechanisms is a fully (author-pays) Open Access journal.

To provide Open Access, the costs of publication in DMM are partially covered by charging a subsidised fee to the authors or the research supporters for each accepted Research or Resource article (there is no charge to authors of invited Review-type articles). This Article Publication Charge (APC) is $3750 (plus VAT if applicable). The true cost of publishing in DMM is higher, including costs relating to quality peer review; support for academic editors; plagiarism and image manipulation checks; text editing; layout; and online hosting, dissemination and archiving. APC fees are set in three currencies, US dollars, pound sterling or Euros, and do not follow the constantly changing exchange rate. This means that authors are not adversely affected by fluctuations in their local exchange rate

All articles are published under the CC-BY license and deposited in PMC for immediate release.

DMM is a member of CHORUS and will ensure that your article complies with US public access mandates.

If you pay for Open Access publication and we fail to fulfil these Open Access commitments, an APC rebate is available – please contact the Editorial Office.

Please see the table below for further details on what our Open Access policy means.


Gold Open Access

Author information


Article Publication Charge (APC): £2500 (plus VAT if applicable). Payments can also be made in Euros or US dollars. This applies to Research and Resource articles only (no fee is charged for commissioned works).


CC-BY license

Copyright owner

The author

Preprint servers

DMM allows posting of the non-peer-reviewed version of primary research papers on preprint servers. Versions that have been revised following peer review at this journal should not be posted.

Content freely available on journal website

Immediately upon publication

Use in other articles created by the author

Allowed by CC-BY license

Free deposition in US/NLM PMC

FREE author service. Immediately upon publication. Final published PDF. Where funders mandate deposition in Europe PMC, see self-archiving permissions below.

Self archiving

Posting on author's website

Immediately upon publication of the final version. Any version, including final published PDF. Must attribute source, e.g. by citing doi and linking to the published article on the journal website.

Inclusion in thesis

Immediately upon publication of the final version. Any version, including final published PDF. Must attribute source, e.g. by citing doi and linking to the published article on the journal website.

Institutional repository, thesis repository or PMC Europe

Immediately upon publication of the final version. Any version, including final published PDF. Must attribute source, e.g. by citing doi and linking to the published article on the journal website.

Use by parties other than the authors

Teaching purposes

Allowed by CC-BY license

Commercial use

Allowed by CC-BY license

Third-party article collections

Allowed by CC-BY license

Responsible text and data mining (TDM)

Allowed by CC-BY license

Institutional Read & Publish Agreements

In addition to publishing fully Open Access journals such as DMM, The Company of Biologists is further embracing the move towards Open Access through transformative Open Access agreements with institutional libraries and library consortia for its subscription journals (Development, Journal of Cell Science and Journal of Experimental Biology).

The agreements with the Max Planck Digital Library and the University of California also cover Open Access publishing in Disease Models & Mechanisms and Biology Open, as well as offering unlimited “read” access to Development, Journal of Cell Science and Journal of Experimental Biology.

If you are the corresponding author and based at any of the Max Planck Society’s 86 Institutes or the University of California’s ten campuses, an APC payment link will be sent to you at acceptance. Full or partial waivers will be applied automatically based on the affiliation details you provided when you submitted your article. Publication will proceed following verification by your institution, where applicable, and your article will be published under a CC-BY license.

Find out more on our Read & Publish pages.


DMM has a small budget for partially or fully waiving Open Access publication charges for authors in developing countries and others in genuine financial hardship. Funds for waivers are limited, however, as the journal would not be sustainable without income from author charges to cover its costs. A growing number of funding bodies and institutions make funds available to authors specifically for the payment of Open Access publication charges. In most cases, funders allow authors to use general grant funds to cover publication costs. Requests for waivers from authors with research grants are unlikely to be approved, unless a strong case can be made as to why a grant cannot be used to cover publication costs. Please note that the ability to pay is never a criterion in the editorial decision-making process. Editors and reviewers do not have access to information regarding authors' financial contributions. Information about how to apply for a waiver is provided at acceptance. DMM is published by the not-for-profit publisher The Company of Biologists, a charitable organisation run by scientists to support the research community.

Data mining

Article full text, metadata and citations may be crawled without special permission or registration. We ask that, where you reuse content, you attribute the original source, e.g. by citing doi and linking to the published article on the journal website.

Please bear in mind that, should usage exceed 200 requests in 3 minutes from a single IP, users will need to complete a Captcha. If you have any other technical queries, please email

Permission to use material from other publications in The Company journals

It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission to use material (e.g. figures) from other publications in any article submitted to our journals and to ensure that any such use is credited to the source. Written permission from the author and/or publisher of the original material, as appropriate, should be provided at the time of submission, otherwise publication might be delayed. If you have modified a figure from a previously published figure, please check with the copyright owners to see whether permission is required and include a complete citation/reference for the original article. Note that any figures reproduced from other publications are covered by the license associated with the original publication.

If you are reproducing material from a non-Open Access license source, please state so as follows: “This image is not published under the terms of the CC-BY license of this article. For permission to reuse, please see [Author et al., 2016]”.

For publicly available theses, the text ideally should be rewritten to ensure that the submitted paper is original. This will avoid potential issues regarding copyright if owned by a third party. Any data previously presented in a thesis in whole or in part should be detailed in the Acknowledgements section with complete citation details.

The Company of Biologists' websites

The contents of this and other websites owned by The Company of Biologists Limited are protected by copyright. Users may seek permission to reproduce material by accessing the Copyright Clearance Centre. Nothing set out here affects any rights that you may have under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 in the UK or any equivalent fair dealing or fair use provisions in other jurisdictions.

Although, through extensive proof-reading, The Company of Biologists Limited has taken care to ensure that the information, data and other contents of our web sites are error free and up-to-date as at the time of writing, we give no warranties (express or implied) regarding the accuracy, currency or applicability of any of the contents.

The Company of Biologists Limited accepts no responsibility for and excludes all liability in connection with the use of this site, including but not limited to any liability for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or misleading or defamatory statements. In each case, such exclusion shall apply under any theory of liability and we specifically exclude liability for indirect, special, consequential and incidental damages whether or not The Company of Biologists Limited have been advised of the possibility of damages.

Disclaimer: Responsibility for (1) the accuracy of statements of fact; (2) the authenticity of scientific findings or observations; (3) expressions of scientific or other opinion; (4) any other material published in the journal rests solely with the author(s) of the article in which such statements, etc., appear. No responsibility for such matters is assumed by the Journal, its owners, publishers, referees or staff.

For all other matters relating to the reproduction of material, please email

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