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DMM outstanding paper prize

Each year, DMM awards a £1000 prize to the junior author (or authors, where there is joint authorship) of the research paper that is judged by the journal’s editors to be the most outstanding publication in the journal that year.

To be eligible for consideration for the prize, the author who made the most significant contribution to the research paper must have been either a student or a postdoc (of no more than 5 years standing) when the work was done. At article submission (for revised articles), the corresponding author of the paper will be asked to confirm if there are any eligible authors on their paper.

The shortlist of selected papers and overall winner will be announced in DMM, along with a short profile of the winning author(s).

Previous winners

2021 Daniel Bronder: TP53 loss initiates chromosomal instability in fallopian tube epithelial cells.

2020 Sarah Colijn: Cell-specific and athero-protective roles for RIPK3 in a murine model of atherosclerosis.

2019 Alessandro Bailetti: Enhancer of Polycomb and the Tip60 complex repress hematological tumor initiation by negatively regulating JAK/STAT pathway activity.

2018 Wenqing Zhou: Neutrophil-specific knockout demonstrates a role for mitochondria in regulating neutrophil motility in zebrafish.

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