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Summary: This Editorial highlights the value of utilizing evolutionarily diverse model systems, including zebrafish, in basic toxicology research to investigate mechanisms of chemical-induced disease.

Summary: This At a Glance article and poster summarise the major intracellular membrane trafficking pathways and associated molecular machineries, and describe how defects in these give rise to disease in humans.

Summary: Specific copy number variants significantly increase the risk of schizophrenia, although their mechanisms are incompletely understood. We review the zebrafish as a tool to begin to decipher the complex biology of these rare variants.

Summary: Our study provides evidence that Zika virus infection in Drosophila results in restricted growth of the developing eye and wing through regulation of JAK/STAT and Notch signaling, respectively.

Summary: Inflammation and Caspase-a activation occur early in a new zebrafish model for fibrolamellar carcinoma (FLC). Pharmacological inhibition of TNFα secretion and caspase-1 might be useful approaches to treat FLC patients.

Summary: Burn injury is associated with increased levels of leptin and fractalkine in the skin. Signalling by these cytokines leads to macrophage accumulation and hypersensitivity to heat and mechanical stimuli.

Summary: This study describes a defatting cocktail that has been proven to function in three relevant steatotic human culture models without cytotoxicity, and which could be employed in the reduction of steatosis in donor livers during liver transplantation.

Editor's choice: Statin-induced upregulation of class II mutant LDLR does not cause acute endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and unfolded protein response induction, in spite of misfolded LDLR protein accumulation in the ER.

Summary: Metaplastic gland formation in gallbladder walls is seen in both human BA and the mouse Sox17-haploinsufficient BA model, indicating its contribution to the pathogenesis of human BA.

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