Humoral and T-cell-mediated responses to a pre-clinical Zika vaccine candidate that utilizes a unique insect-specific flavivirus platform by Danielle L. Porier et al.

How do you balance vaccine safety with a robust immune response? One group is using an insect-specific viral backbone that cannot infect mammals in their studies of a potential vaccine for Zika virus.

Selected by Lucy Bowden. Read the preLight here.

marmite defines a novel conserved neuropeptide family mediating nutritional homeostasis by AP Francisco et al.

Love it or hate it: The discovery of the neuropeptide marmite reveals a family of neuropeptides involved in the regulation of protein intake.

Selected by Pablo Ranea Robles and Cláudia Gil. Read the preLight here.

BRCA1/BARD1 ubiquitinates PCNA in unperturbed conditions to promote replication fork stability and continuous DNA synthesis by Daniel Salas-Lloret et al.

The “harvesting of ubiquitin” reveals that the E3 ubiquitin ligase BRCA1/BARD1 prevents genome instability during replication.

Selected by Pierre Caron. Read the preLight here.

Conserved Chamber-Specific Polyploidy Maintains Heart Function in Drosophila by Archan Chakraborty et al.

The importance of being in the right place, with the right ploidy, at the right time- and how not to mend broken hearts.

Selected by Anastasia Moraiti. Read the preLight here.

Unclearing Microscopy by Ons M'Saad et al.

Unclearing microscopy: seeing human cells directly by eye.

Selected by Robert Mahen. Read the preLight here.

Insm1 regulates the development of mTECs and immune tolerance by Wehuai Tao et al.

A new player in establishing immune tolerance: How Insm1 regulates mTEC gene expression.

Selected by Marina Schernthanner and Jessica Chevallier. Read the preLight here.

Small leucine-rich proteoglycans inhibit CNS regeneration by modifying the structural and mechanical properties of the lesion environment by Julia Kolb et al.

Who is the culprit? Small leucine-rich proteoglycans inhibit axonal regrowth in the lesioned zebrafish spinal cord by changing the structure and mechanics of the extracellular matrix.

Selected by Laura Celotto. Read the preLight here.

Phosphoproteomics of cellular mechanosensing reveals NFATC4 as a regulator of myofibroblast activity by Laura F. Mattner et al.

Phosphoproteomic analysis of human lung fibroblasts identifies a stiffness threshold above which fibroblasts undergo fibrosis-associated changes and finds NFATC4 as a potential therapeutic target.

Selected by Rob Hynds. Read the preLight here.

The phosphodiesterase 2A regulates lymphatic endothelial development via cGMP-mediated control of Notch signaling by Claudia Carlantoni et al.

An essential function for the phosphodiesterase 2A during regulation of lymphatic vessel maturation.

Selected by Andreas van Impel and Sanjay Sunil Kumar. Read the preLight here.

Functional synapses between small cell lung cancer and glutamatergic neurons by Anna Schmitt et al.

Lung cancer cells and neurons form a dangerous alliance: Schmitt and colleagues discover the formation of bona fide synapses between small cell lung cancer and neurons in their new study.

Selected by Jade Chan. Read the preLight here.

A patterned human heart tube organoid model generated by pluripotent stem cell self-assembly by Brett Volmert et al.

A patterned human heart tube organoid model generated by pluripotent stem cell self-assembly.

Selected by Silvia Becca. Read the preLight here.