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Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) is an Open Access biomedical research journal advancing novel insight into the mechanism, diagnosis and therapy of human disease.

DMM is committed to publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research in disease biology that has significant translational impact at the interface of basic and clinical science. Our content is freely available to our communities of basic and clinical researchers, health professionals, patients and their advocates and families. DMM is interdisciplinary in scope, and covers a diverse range of diseases. We also publish cutting-edge techniques and resources that advance the disease biology field.

DMM is led by an international team of expert research-active Editors, including Editor-in-Chief Liz Patton and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Elaine Mardis, and supported by an outstanding Editorial Advisory Board.

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DMM included in Read & Publish agreements

From 2022, DMM is included in many of the Read & Publish agreements offered by The Company of Biologists. This enables discounted or fee-free publication of an uncapped number of Research articles in DMM for corresponding authors at participating institutions (including, among others, the Max Planck Digital Library and University of California).

Read more about the ways in which DMM is working to increase accessibility for both authors and readers in an Editorial from Editor-in-Chief Liz Patton.

Announcing the 2023 DMM Journal Meeting

Infectious Diseases Through an Evolutionary Lens

Special article

Register your interest to attend the DMM Journal Meeting 'Infectious Diseases Through an Evolutionary Lens', organised by Wendy Barclay, Sara Cherry, David Tobin and Russell Vance. View our fantastic line up of speakers and register your interest here.





Recent highlights

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Louis Pasteur’s birth, DMM Editorial Board member Serge Mostowy discusses in a new Editorial how “l’esprit Pasteur” is helping combat the COVID-19 pandemic and the comparatively overlooked pandemic of antimicrobial resistance. We also present a new Model for Life interview with pioneering cellular microbiologist Pascale Cossart, who reflects on Pasteur’s legacy. 

To continue the infectious “l’esprit Pasteur”, why not register your interest in DMM’s meeting, Infectious Diseases Through an Evolutionary Lens, taking place in October 2023 in London.

Special Article

Collaboration and knowledge integration for successful brain therapeutics – lessons learned from the pandemic by Maria Isabel Loza, Julija Hmeljak, Chas Bountra, James E. Audia, Sohini Chowdhury, Shannon Weiman, Kalpana Merchant and Maria-Jesus Blanco


Lack of reproducibility in animal studies continues to be a challenge; improving this is a National Institutes of Health priority. Key strategies to enhance translatability are offered and discussed by The Jackson Laboratory investigators in a new perspective.

Editor's choice

Pui-Ying Lam describes the experimental imaging set-up, materials and procedures for in vivo and longitudinal confocal imaging of the transparent adult vertebrate model Danionella cerebrum.

In addition, invited author Kristen M. Kwan describes how the tools developed might impact research into different disease processes and organ systems.

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