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Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) is an Open Access biomedical research journal advancing novel insight into the mechanism, diagnosis and therapy of human disease.

DMM is committed to publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research in disease biology that has significant translational impact at the interface of basic and clinical science. Our content is freely available to our communities of basic and clinical researchers, health professionals, patients and their advocates and families. DMM is interdisciplinary in scope, and covers a diverse range of diseases. We also publish cutting-edge techniques and resources that advance the disease biology field.

DMM is led by an international team of expert research-active Editors, including Editor-in-Chief Liz Patton and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Elaine Mardis, and supported by an outstanding Editorial Advisory Board.

About DMM

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Read & Publish agreements

You might be able to publish in DMM without paying an Article Processing Charge. DMM is included in many of the Read & Publish agreements offered by The Company of Biologists.

Corresponding authors at institutions with the five-journal package can publish an uncapped number of Open Access Research articles and Resources & Methods articles in DMM (and the other Company journals) without paying the Article Processing Charge.

Find out whether your institution has a Read & Publish agreement that includes DMM and whether you can publish in DMM for free.

Hear from DMM authors who have already benefitted from publishing in DMM under a Read & Publish agreement.

The Forest of Biologists The Forest of Biologists leaves icon

As part of a biodiversity initiative from The Company of Biologists, DMM now plants a native tree in a UK forest for each published Research and Review article. We are also funding the restoration and preservation of ancient woodland and dedicating these trees to our peer reviewers. All of these trees are represented together in a virtual forest.

Read the Editorial to find out more about the launch of this initiative.


Synergistic modelling of human disease

Since its launch, DMM has aimed to publish multidisciplinary basic and translational research in disease biology. We highlight some recent studies that use synergistic model systems to study human disease and discuss ways in which we continue our support for the disease modelling community.

Special Article

Stem cell modeling of nervous system tumors

The application of human stem cell engineering to nervous system tumour modelling affords unique opportunities to study the cellular origins of tumours, examine cancer evolution and identify future therapeutic targets. David Gutmann and colleagues review the current human stem cell models of nervous system tumours and provide consensus recommendations for future research.


Shared features in ear and kidney development – implications for oto-renal syndromes

Scarlet Wang and Andrea Streit summarise the developmental pathways shared between inner ear and kidney formation and explore the mechanisms underlying oto-renal syndromes.

Editor's choice

A Zika virus protein expression screen in Drosophila to investigate targeted host pathways during development by Nichole Link, J. Michael Harnish, Brooke Hull, Shelley Gibson, Miranda Dietze, Uchechukwu Mgbike, Silvia Medina-Balcazar, Priya Shah and Shinya Yamamoto

In this month’s Editor’s choice, Nichole Link and colleagues generated a toolkit of transgenic flies expressing Zika virus proteins, which showed tissue-specific phenotypes. This suggests that these proteins interact with or inhibit specific host pathways during development to cause disease.

We highlight this Resources & Methods article and the usefulness of this screening system in Drosophila to understand Zika virus-induced neural symptoms.

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