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Information about Accepted manuscripts

Articles are posted in the form of author manuscripts (following peer review, standard ethics checks and article acceptance) and may contain errors and inconsistencies that will not be corrected until the paper has been copyedited, typeset and formatted by our experienced editorial and production teams, and the final version has been published in a journal issue. Consequently, there may be textual differences between the accepted author manuscript and the final published version of the paper. There may also be differences in the size, quality and format of the figures and tables between the two versions. Supplementary material is not normally included as part of the Accepted manuscript.

Authors of Research Articles and Reports, and Techniques and Resources papers have the option to choose whether or not to release their paper on our ‘Accepted manuscripts’ site, although there may be editorial reasons why this is not possible (such as press release and media embargo). Review-type content is generally not posted on our ‘Accepted manuscripts’ page and these articles are only available when the issue is published.

The accepted author manuscript remains on the Accepted manuscripts page until the final version of the paper is published in an issue. At this point, the paper will move from the Accepted manuscripts page to the issue's Table of Contents and will appear in its final edited form, with page numbers and supplementary material (if available). A link to the Accepted manuscript version is available from the final version.

How to cite Accepted manuscripts

Accepted manuscripts should be cited using the digital object identifier (DOI) as follows:

Author, A., Author B. C. and Author, D. E. (Year). Title of paper. Development  doi:10.1242/dev.0XXXXX.

Once the article has been published in an issue, please use the following citation format:

Author, A., Author B. C. and Author, D. E. (Year). Title of paper. Development. Vol. no., XXX-XXX.

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