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Summary: Looking back on Development in 2023 and forwards to 2024, we call on authors to support the community through supporting the journal.




Summary: This Primer reviews emerging approaches for engineering synthetic signalling between cells and discusses how these could be applied to study the influence cells have on their neighbours during development.


Summary: This Review explores how the robustness and plasticity of epithelial cell junctions is exploited to enable junctional remodeling while preserving tissue cohesion during development.


Highlighted Article: Exposure to a high-sugar diet leads to impaired stem cell function in the intestine and ovaries of female Drosophila prior to the onset of insulin resistance. However, tumor stem cells do not respond to a high-sugar diet in the same way as healthy stem cells.


Summary: Tubb4b knockout mice reveal structural defects within the axonemes of multi-cilia.


Highlighted Article: By ablating hippocampal Cajal-Retzius cells in early postnatal development, we demonstrate severe impairments in the development of dendrites and spines of CA1 pyramidal cells, and in synapse-related genes and proteins.

Summary: Real-time imaging of developing zebrafish retinas reveals intercellular exchanges between Müller glial cells and with microglia during the clearance of apoptotic cells.

Summary: C. elegans PAR-4 and PAR-1 restrict intestinal specification to the E lineage and ensure its robust differentiation by regulating end-1 and elt-2 expression through the SKN-1/MED-1 pathway.

Summary: Mouse and zebrafish genetic analyses and next-generation sequencing profiling identify a crucial conserved TFAP2-ALX transcriptional axis within the midface developmental gene regulatory network.

Summary: Rat-derived lungs were generated in an Fgfr2b-deficient mouse model using a tetraploid-based organ complementation method, and the resulting rat lung epithelial cells exhibited species-specific development.

Summary: Mcf2lb, a RhoA GEF, regulates rosette integrity through modulating apical constriction of cells within rosettes during collective cell migration.

Summary: The muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtype M4 (M4 mAChR) is expressed in a subpopulation of neural precursor cells in the adult mouse hippocampus, where is plays a stage-specific role in neurogenesis.

Summary: Tyrosine catabolism is dynamically regulated in Drosophila epidermal tissue in response to dietary protein intake.

Highlighted Article: Mathematical modeling and experimental manipulation of the expression dynamics of yan in Drosophila eye demonstrate that cellular metabolic rate affects gene activation, with a reduced impact of activators under conditions of reduced metabolism.


Summary: The first single-cell multiomic atlas of ocular lens development is presented, lending insights to the detailed regulatory landscape of the cataract-linked transcription factor MAF and the function of PRC2 in cell fate maintenance.

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