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Summary: In vivo lineage reprogramming emerges as innovative strategy for organ repair. Using conversion of brain glia into induced neurons as an example, this Spotlight highlights conceptual advances and technical challenges.


Summary: Heterogeneous pdgfrb+ epicardium-derived cells and coronary mural cells are essential for coronary vessel development and zebrafish heart regeneration.

Summary: Notch signaling promotes neuroblast quiescence in Drosophila. Notch activity becomes attenuated in quiescent neuroblasts and low to no active Notch is required for neuroblast reactivation in response to dietary nutrients.

Highlighted Article: A resource of tissue regeneration enhancer elements (TREEs) of epicardial cells during zebrafish heart regeneration reveals new concepts in TREE-based gene regulation.

Summary: High time-resolution measurements reveal previously unseen signaling dynamics in single pluripotent cells, which alternate between oscillatory and non-oscillatory ERK activity. ERK dynamics change with ligand concentration, cell cycle and differentiation state.


Highlighted Article: The nuclear space becomes progressively heterogeneous during embryo development, forming distinct transcriptional sub-nuclear environments, paralleling the partitioning of the embryo body during morphogenesis.


Summary: The closely related Prdm paralogs Prdm3 and Prdm16 act antagonistically of each other to control chromatin accessibility and balance downstream gene expression in chondrocytes during vertebrate craniofacial cartilage development.

Highlighted Article: Expression of Meis2, which promotes striatal MSN fate determination, is dependent on Dlx1/2 in the lateral ganglionic eminence, and this regulation is at least partially mediated by the hs599 enhancer.

Highlighted Article: Ovol2 and Zeb1 determine the balance between PGCs and somatic cells.

Summary: Notch signaling is required for precise temporal activation of myocardin and, independently, of a group of genes expressed later in the visceral smooth muscle cell differentiation program of the murine ureter.

Highlighted Article: Quantitative live-imaging of Aquilegia floral meristems reveals distinct patterns of floral organ initiation and cell-level dynamics of floral meristem termination.

Summary: miR775 is unique in origin and it regulates post-submergence recovery by negatively regulating the target GALT9 and modulating senescence-associated genes, ethylene and ABA pathway components in Arabidopsis.


Highlighted Article: A pipeline of techniques, based on incompressible elastic sensors, to map in 3D and in real time the local shear stresses in living tissues, and to investigate the role of mechanical constraints during morphogenesis and development.

Summary: A new method for intubation and long-term imaging of living adult zebrafish and other aquatic species on inverted microscopes.

Highlighted Article: MuViScopy is a multi-angle and multi-scale fluorescence confocal microscopy methodology enabling live-imaging of multiple organs with cellular resolution without sample embedding.


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