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Summary: This Primer provides an overview of the fabrication and use of microfluidic systems for studying cellular development and differentiation, highlighting the advantages of using these systems over traditional culture techniques.


Summary: This Review describes the morphological and functional maturation of cells in the mammalian main olfactory bulb, from embryonic development to adult neurogenesis.


Highlighted Article: Axolotl spinal cord cells have the potential to form cells of the ectoderm and mesoderm depending on the extent of the injury they are responding to.

Summary: A promoter-proximal cis-regulatory element of the gene brinker regulates distal enhancer action and also directly acts to control brinker expression levels in cells co-expressing BMP ligand thereby influencing germ cell homeostasis.

Summary: New proteomic and single-cell level transcriptomic datasets delineate the molecular changes underlying ectopic fat development in muscle.

Highlighted Article: Decrease of plac8-A expression level changes qualitative state of adult pluripotent stem cells to regenerative state through induced hyperproliferation after amputation in planarian.


Summary: How the functional cooperativity of Tcf12 and NeuroD1 in specific subpopulations of the developing cortex creates the gene regulatory program essential for neuronal migration.

Highlighted Article:De novo transcriptomic profiling of developing marsupial neocortex reveals precocious neural maturation relative to eutherians.

Summary: This study reveals a previously unknown embryonic mouse oocyte transcription network, including reproduction and chromatin genes, through unexpected promoter localization of TAF4b at Sp/Klf- and NFY-binding sites.

Highlighted Article: Analysis of cellular interdependence during caudal fin development reveals roles for osteoblasts in patterning endothelium and somatosensory axon innervation.

Summary: A conserved autocrine role for HH signaling in tracheal epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation is revealed, suggesting potential new interventions for airway epithelial proliferation and differentiation defects.

Summary: During neoplastic growth in Drosophila, scribble mutations modulate Notch pathway transcriptional output without globally changing Su(H) occupancy. Notch and Scribble cooperate though transcription factor modules, including Pdp1.

Summary: Regular diameter of developing veins and arteries in the zebrafish trunk is controlled by differential endothelial cell proliferation and WASp-driven directed cell migration.


Summary: An image analysis workflow pipeline for 3D quantification of the total or regional zebrafish brain vasculature, called zebrafish vasculature quantification or ZVQ.

Summary: A light-sheet fluorescence microscopy approach is used for 3D imaging of the pancreas and to quantitatively map its interactions with surrounding tissues at key development time points in the mouse embryo.



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