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Summary: This Spotlight article discusses the mechanisms that polyploid cardiomyocytes and their relationship with cardiac regeneration.


Summary: Highlights of the second EMBO-EMBL Symposium ‘Synthetic Morphogenesis: From Gene Circuits to Tissue Architecture’ held in March 2021.


Summary: This Review emphasizes that the general principles of embryonic development and tissue homeostasis are similar, and that interactions between these disciplines will be beneficial for both research fields.


Summary: Using a temporospatially specific gain- and loss-of-function approach, this study reveals that Wnt/β-catenin signaling is crucial in early development of the mouse molar.


Highlighted Article: Epithelial tissues heterozygous for a ribosomal protein gene, which causes a variety of developmental abnormalities in humans, ensure robust morphogenesis by suppressing JNK-mediated apoptosis via Yorkie in Drosophila.

Summary: MPDZ patterns the apical membrane of auditory hair cells, and defects in hair bundle morphogenesis coincide with severe hearing loss in Mpdz mutants.

Summary: Single-cell RNA sequencing identifies interactions of TCF4 with non-bHLH transcription factors linked to neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disease in the regulation of interhemispheric projection neuron development.

Summary: Activation of the FOXO1-TP53INP1-p53-CDKN1A axis prevents G1/S progression in porcine ovarian somatic GCs during hypoxia.

Summary: This study reveals the significance of clathrin-mediated endocytosis in mammalian embryogenesis and the involvement of protein ubiquitylation in selective degradation of maternal membrane proteins during the oocyte-to-embryo transition.

Highlighted Article: How spatial information and temporal maturation contribute to the production of discrete neuronal types from a continuum of progenitors in the developing pallium.

Summary: PDGFRα signaling regulates gene expression through alternative RNA splicing; ablation in the murine neural crest lineage of a downstream effector of PDGFRα signaling, the RNA-binding protein Srsf3, results in midline facial clefting.

Highlighted Article: Glypican 4 controls the planar polarity of endodermal cells during early segmentation in the zebrafish by regulating the distribution of Cadherin 2 through Rab5c-mediated endocytosis.

Summary: VCC is a plasma membrane protein that controls the transition from pre-procambial into procambial cell fate during the formation of lateral vascular strands in Arabidopsis embryonic cotyledons.

Highlighted Article: This study indicates that the mechanism through which the cell wall controls cell fate and morphogenesis in plants involves regulation of the receptor kinase STRUBBELIG.

Summary: The BMP antagonist Grem1 is expressed by committed deep-layer glutamatergic neurons in the embryonic mouse cortex. Grem1 conditional knockout mice display cortical and behavioral abnormalities.

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