Integrin-growth factor receptor interactions often serve to integrate the local signals from the extracellular matrix (ECM) with those provided by growth factors. Now, on p. 843, Jordan Kreidberg and co-workers show that such an interaction regulates Wnt expression in kidney morphogenesis. The authors report that in mice carrying mutations in either the integrin α3β1 α subunit or in laminin, its main ECM ligand, the formation of the papilla, a collection of densely packed epithelial tubules in the kidney, is disrupted, and Wnt7b and Wnt4 expression is downregulated. Moreover, they demonstrate that signalling through c-Met - the receptor for Hgf, a growth factor involved in kidney morphogenesis - depends on α3β1 integrin and that an anti-Hgf antibody also downregulates Wnt7b levels. Finally, they show that Wnt signalling promotes cell survival in the papilla, allowing epithelial tubule elongation and papilla maturation. From their findings, they propose that coordinated integrin-c-Met signalling regulates Wnt expression during kidney development, highlighting the complexity of the input that controls morphogenetic events.