Directed cell migration is another essential feature of morphogenesis. But,although the migration of single cells is well characterised, less is known about the coordinated movement of groups of cells. Now, Bastock and Strutt report that the PCP pathway coordinates cell migration during Drosophila oogenesis (see p. 3055). During this process, motile epithelial border cells detach from the anterior of the developing egg chamber and migrate towards the oocyte, carrying two non-motile polar follicle cells with them. By examining egg chambers from flies carrying mutations in the PCP pathway proteins Frizzled, Strabismus and Dishevelled,the researchers show that the pathway acts in the border cells and the polar follicle cells to promote migration. Other experiments lead them to propose that the PCP pathway mediates communication between motile and non-motile cells and promotes the production of the actin-rich structures that are required for efficient, coordinated migration.