Cornell, R. A. and Eisen, J. S. Development129, 2639-2648.

In the printed version of this article, the acknowledgements section is incorrect. The correct version is shown below.

We thank James Weston and Charles Kimmel for critical reading of the manuscript, Bernard and Christine Thisse for stimulating discussions and cDNA constructs, Patrick Blader, Uwe Strahle and Marnie Halpern for cDNA constructs, the staff of the University of Oregon Zebrafish Facility for fish husbandry, and Rosie Reyes for bringing to our attention references to RB-like cells in mammals. This work supported by NIH grants NS10119 and HD22486. Renovation and expansion of the UO Zebrafish Facility supported by NIH RR11724, NSF 9602828, M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, and the W. M. Keck Foundation.