Drosophila matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP2) is specifically expressed in posterior follicle cells of stage-14 egg chambers (mature follicles) and is crucial for the breakdown of the follicular wall during ovulation, a process that is highly conserved from flies to mammals. The factors that regulate spatiotemporal expression of MMP2 in follicle cells remain unknown. Here, we demonstrate crucial roles for the ETS-family transcriptional activator Pointed (Pnt) and its endogenous repressor Yan in the regulation of MMP2 expression. We found that Pnt is expressed in posterior follicle cells and overlaps with MMP2 expression in mature follicles. Genetic analysis demonstrated that pnt is both required and sufficient for MMP2 expression in follicle cells. In addition, Yan was temporally upregulated in stage-13 follicle cells to fine-tune Pnt activity and MMP2 expression. Furthermore, we identified a 1.1 kb core enhancer that is responsible for the spatiotemporal expression of MMP2 and contains multiple pnt/yan binding motifs. Mutation of pnt/yan binding sites significantly impaired the Mmp2 enhancer activity. Our data reveal a mechanism of transcriptional regulation of Mmp2 expression in Drosophila ovulation, which could be conserved in other biological systems.

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