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Accepted manuscripts

RESEARCH ARTICLE 27 October 2021
High resolution dynamic mapping of the C. elegans intestinal brush border
Development dev.200029.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 26 October 2021
Calcium waves facilitate and coordinate the contraction of endfeet actin stress fibers in Drosophila interommatidial cells
Development dev.199700.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 26 October 2021
GAS1 is required for Notch-dependent facilitation of SHH signaling in the ventral forebrain neuroepithelium
Development dev.200080.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 26 October 2021
Live imaging of retinotectal mapping reveals topographic map dynamics and a novel role for Contactin-2 in map sharpening
Development dev.199584.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 18 October 2021
KLF17 promotes human naïve pluripotency but is not required for its establishment
Development dev.199378.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 15 October 2021
Characterization of primary models of human trophoblast
Development dev.199749.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 15 October 2021
Cell-cell communication through FGF4 generates and maintains robust proportions of differentiated cell types in embryonic stem cells
Development dev.199926.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 12 October 2021
Aurora kinase B inhibits Aurora kinase A to control maternal mRNA translation in mouse oocytes
Development dev.199560.
RESEARCH ARTICLE 08 October 2021
Toll signalling promotes blastema cell proliferation during cricket leg regeneration via insect macrophages
Development dev.199916.
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