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Summary: This review further challenges the previous notion of gliding as a relatively simple form of aerial locomotion. It reinforces the concept of gliding as a sophisticated behavior that involves the interdependent aspects of morphology, sensing, environment, and likely selective pressures.


Summary: A review of the new innovations, technology, and hypothesis surrounding the structures, functions, and mechanisms of hydrostats.


Summary: Basement membranes (BMs) are critical for morphogenesis. This Review provides an overview of the mechanisms by which BMs can be remodelled to regulate the shape of tissues and organs.


Summary: The prospect for metastatic melanoma patients remains poor despite novel therapies; co-therapies are needed. We describe a peptide that efficiently kills metastatic melanoma cell lines yet spares normal fibroblasts.

Summary: Single-cell analysis of differentiating embryonic stem cells suggests that FGF orchestrates mammalian mesoderm differentiation via positive autoregulation and repression of BMP signaling.

Summary: Upon birth, neonates ingest colostrum and the level of intake is related to long-term health and development. We report that gilts with low levels of colostrum intake have greater abundance of lipids metabolized in peroxisomes, which may indicate inadequate initiation of beta-oxidation to catabolize fats.

Summary: This paper provides novel findings regarding a formation of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in response to liver fluke Opisthorchis viverrini crude antigens exposure. We found for the first time that neutrophil extracellular traps can be formed in neutrophils from parasite free individuals, and the level of these traps are associated with the hepatobiliary abnormalities in opisthorchiasis patients.

Summary: In the developing mouse kidney, neurons first invade the kidney between day 13 and 14 of embryonic development and follow the course of the maturing arteries.

Summary: Analysis of the effect of conditional G9a inactivation mediated by Isl1-Cre with decreased recombinase activity in mice indicated that dysregulation of G9a-controlled gene expression contributes to Dandy-Walker complex.

Summary: A fluorescence-activated cell sorting method was applied using specific antibodies against Xenopus erythroid progenitors. This method enables genotyping and evaluation of erythroid cells in the livers of Xenopus sp.

Summary: This paper shows that glass catfish exhibit frequency- and stimulus intensity-dependent avoidance behavior in response to alternating electric current stimulation.


Summary: Addressing questions in tumor initiation and experimental therapeutics require immunocompetent systems. A broadly adaptable method for screening sgRNA pairs that induce gene rearrangements encoding murine oncogenic receptor tyrosine kinases is presented.

Summary: Measuring multiple parameters of physiology in wild animals remains difficult. We evaluate a veterinary device the VetScan blood analyser, including effects of storage time and handling stress, typical during (semi-)field conditions.


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