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Summary: During neuronal specification, the combined action of several neural bHLHs ensures the robust activation of terminal selector transcription factor expression and prevents the activation of deleterious genes.

Summary: Mouse zygote morphokinetics were measured during interphase, the mitotic period, cytokinesis, and two-cell stage. Sequences of rounder–distorted–rounder shapes were revealed, as were changing patterns of cross section area. Some of these movements were sporadically also seen in human zygotes with abnormal numbers of pronuclei and the two-cell stages that developed from these compromised human zygotes.

Summary: This study demonstrates that Drosophila melanogaster females with altered levels of brain glycogen display a shortened lifespan, increased resistance to starvation, and higher levels of oxidative stress than male flies. Thus, metabolic processes like the glycogen synthesis pathway could influence sex-specific traits in animals.

Summary: ARL15 (GTPase ARF family) is associated with adipose traits. ARL15 is palmitoylated, localised to Golgi in preadipocytes and translocated to other Golgi compartments during differentiation. ARL15 interacts with ER-localised ARL6IP5.

Summary: Our findings indicated that growth and developmental differences between sexes appeared at early life stages, and there was allometric growth in the carapace, abdomen, and gonads between males and females.

Summary: We report that senescence and the RB pathway reduce translational readthrough (TR) limiting proteome diversity and the expression of TR proteins such as Ago1X required for cancer cell proliferation.

Summary: Arf6 is necessary for the patterning of the wing margin by Wingless in Drosophila melanogaster, acting downstream of stabilized Armadillo but upstream or at the level of Pangolin activity.


Summary: A new method to quantify reactive oxygen species in live mussels using image analysis. The unusual fixation step allows for in situ staining, followed by image analysis in the laboratory.


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