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Summary: This paper provides an overview of the 15th NYRA meeting. The paper provides a general background and justification for the existence of our network.


Summary: Whole-mount preparations and serial histologic sections in pudgy (pu/pu) mice demonstrate localized paravertebral longitudinal cartilage/bone accumulations (PVLC/BAs) invariably associated with branched, fused and asymmetrically spaced ribs emanating laterally from them.

Summary: Immunity is vital when migrating to new environments. It is costly and competitive to other physiological processes. Here, we bring new evidence on this process in migratory birds.

Summary: ASCL2 is a key regulator of esophageal epithelial homeostasis. ASCL2 overexpression impairs differentiation, reduces cell proliferation and enhances resistance to radiation and chemotherapeutic drugs.

Summary: Steroid exposure during embryonic development influences a variety of processes and here we show that the developing extraembryonic membranes respond to corticosterone early in development.

Summary: We show that the chromatin remodeller NuRD suppresses transcriptional noise, primes genes for activation and coordinates the transcriptional response in individual cells during the exit from naive pluripotency.

Summary: Aging disrupts spatial regulation of Notch activation in the C. elegans germline, leading to the mislocation of the Notch-responsive GSC pool, leading to reproductive decline, which is mainly due to an age-associated DTC/niche nuclear shift and its structural changes.

Summary: Systems modelling of near-infrared spectroscopy changes in hemoglobin oxygenation and cytochrome oxidase redox state are consistent with carbon dioxide decreasing cerebral oxygen consumption by inhibiting mitochondrial respiration at succinate dehydrogenase.

Summary: In a series of life span survival assays on different diets, this study shows that other divalent metals in the diet, especially calcium and magnesium, protect adult Drosophila from manganese toxicity.

Summary: The Drosophila GEF Schizo removes N-cadherin during myoblast fusion. We found that Schizo interacts with Abi to antagonize Schizo function and to inhibit the removal of N-cadherin during embryogenesis.


Summary: Improving bacterial burden quantification (BBQ): introducing automated, unbiased methods for precise assessment within host cells, enhancing our understanding of host–pathogen interactions.

Summary: This paper describes the development of a new genetically encoded necrosis sensor in Drosophila.


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