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Current Issue
Volume 12,
Issue 11
November 2023

Biology Open (BiO) is an Open Access journal that publishes rigorously conducted high-quality research across the breadth of the biological and biomedical sciences. It provides timely, thorough, constructive and fair peer review, with a focus on supporting researchers and reducing the pain to publish.

Our international board of research-active academic Editors, led by Editor-in-Chief Daniel Gorelick, comprises leaders in their respective fields. The BiO team is committed to Open Access publishing as a mechanism to widen access, promote equality and ensure sustainability in publishing in the biological and biomedical sciences.

About BiO

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The Forest of Biologists The Forest of Biologists leaves icon

As part of a new biodiversity initiative from The Company of Biologists, BiO now plants a native tree in a UK forest for each published Research and Review article. We are also funding the restoration and preservation of ancient woodland and dedicating these trees to our peer reviewers. All of these trees are represented together in a virtual forest.

Read the Editorial to find out more about the launch of this initiative.

BiO included in Read & Publish agreements

Over 700 institutions in 42 countries have a Read & Publish agreement with The Company of Biologists. BiO is included in those agreements with the five-journal package.

Corresponding authors at institutions with the five-journal package can publish an uncapped number of Open Access Research Articles and Methods & Techniques Articles in BiO (and the other Company journals) without paying the Article Processing Charge.

Find out whether your institution has a Read & Publish agreement that includes BiO and whether you can publish in BiO for free.

Hear from BiO authors who have already benefitted from publishing in BiO under a Read & Publish agreement.

Future Leader Reviews

Glial plasticity at nervous system transition zones by Laura Fontenas

Until recently, nervous system boundaries were thought to be permeable only to axons. This review highlights recent work that illustrates glial cell transgression of nervous system transition zones.

A Year at the Forefront Reviews

A Year at the Forefront of Plasmodesmal Biology by Andrea Paterlini

Andrea Paterlini provides a short overview of recent discoveries, innovations, community resources and hypotheses in the field of plasmodesmata biology.

Recently published in BiO

Mitochondrial metabolism in Drosophila macrophage-like cells regulates body growth via modulation of cytokine and insulin signaling by Shrivani Sriskanthadevan-Pirahas, Abdul Qadeer Tinwala, Michael J. Turingan, Shahoon Khan and Savraj S. Grewal

The authors show how changes in mitochondrial metabolism in larval blood cells can non-autonomously control overall body growth and development.

Locomotor kinematics on sand versus vinyl flooring in the sidewinder rattlesnake Crotalus cerastes by Jessica L. Tingle, Brian M. Sherman and Theodore Garland

This study provides evidence that snake sidewinding kinematics differ subtly between a natural and an artificial substrate, sand and vinyl.


Find out more about the changes at the helm of Biology Open from departing Editor-in-Chief Steve Kelly and Director of The Company of Biologists Laura Machesky, and meet new Editor-in-Chief Daniel Gorelick.

Introducing Daniel Gorelick – a new Editor-in-Chief for Biology Open

So long, and thanks for all the papers about fish (and other organisms too) by Steven Kelly

A new Editor-in-Chief and new future for Biology Open by Laura Machesky

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